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Family M’s Family Photography Session

So far we’ve had a pretty mild winter, with not much snow. On January 2nd however, we did have snow, and despite the cold I was very glad we did. A white, snowy background makes for some beautiful family photography. It was particularly special for this family photography session as three of the family members were visiting from Australia. How wonderful for them to have some great memories of Canada, complete with the full snowy experience captured in their photos.

This family photography session was an extended family session – dad/grandpa with his three children, and four grandchildren. How wonderful! This family originally comes from South Africa, and further back their roots are from Holland. They therefore, call their grandpa “Opa” – a term which I’m very familiar with due to my Dutch heritage as well.family photography DundasThis is such a happy family and it was such a blessing to be able to capture these memories for them. family photography DundasWe made sure to capture lots of great pictures with Opa first and then we let him go to the car to warm up. It was pretty chilly at Webster’s Falls that afternoon.family photography DundasThen we had some mom and daughter and sister fun! Such beautiful ladies.family photography Dundasfamily photography Dundasfamily photography Dundasfamily photography DundasOn cold days it’s a great idea to bring some warm blankets along to the photography session. Blankets make it much more comfortable for the sitting down shots. Besides keeping the families warm, blankets also draw people together for some close shots that often generate lots of laughing. Brightly coloured blankets are highly recommended for those winter days which can sometimes be lacking in sunlight and colour.family photography Dundasfamily photography DundasI have no doubt that these cousins are going to miss each other very much once the two Australian’s head back for home.family photography DundasThanking this lovely family for such a great afternoon, and for the privilege of capturing a piece of their story.


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