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The Kids Photography Scavenger Hunt – Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the Kids Photography Scavenger Hunt. I am so happy to see you back. (If you missed them Week 1 and Week 2 are located here)

It’s been so fun seeing all the creative images that the kids have been submitting for week’s one and two. Here are just a few: Shape by Maddy, Red by Reese, Smallest by Naomi, Comfy by Nate, and from our youngest participant Kezia who is just 3 years old – “Something I Made”. So awesome.

sidewalk chalk strawberry image

Week 3 – Artistic Images

Feel free to read the copy below, or watch the video.

So far we’ve learned how to take storytelling images. We have also learned how to isolate our subject. Today we are going to learn 3 different ways to make our images look more artistic.

Rule of Thirds

One “trick” we can use  to make our images look more artistic is to follow the rule of thirds. To start, we draw 2 imaginary vertical lines on our image. Then we draw 2 imaginary horizontal lines. It kind of looks like a tic-tac-toe game don’t you think? We then look at where the lines intersect or meet, and we put our subject on or close to one of those points – see the green circles in the picture below.

rule of thirds

Here is a picture of a horse for example. The horse is our subject. In the first image the horse is in the middle or centre of the picture. In the second image we used the rule of thirds – and put the horse close to the green dots on the bottom right. The dots of course would be imaginary – so the third image of the horse is what it would look like without the imaginary dots. The picture looks nicer when the horse is in the right third of the image. 

horse in field

Here is another example of a flower. We can place the flower in the middle of the image or we can make it more artistic by using the rule of thirds. Here we have put the flower in the left third of the picture.


Remember not all of your images have to use the rule of thirds all the time. It’s just one way you can make some pictures more artistic.

Leading Lines

Another way we can make our images more artistic is to use leading lines. We want to find or create lines in our picture. Those lines should lead us to our subject.leading lines

Look at these examples. In the first image, the climbing ropes are all leading lines that lead to our subject, which is the boy. In the second example, I saw all these branches lying on the beach. They act as lines that lead our eye to the subjects – which are the tents in the background. Let’s see if you can find or even make some images this week with leading lines to your subject.


If we use symmetry in our images we can make them look more artistic. Do you know what symmetry is? You may have learned about it in math class at school.  It is when something is exactly the same on both sides. Or at least both sides are very close to being exactly the same. Symmetry is fun to use in photography. Here are some examples. The first is of a tunnel in Japan. Other than the people in the picture, the rest is symmetrical. The second example of symmetry, with the turquoise doors, is not perfectly symmetrical but close enough. The last example of a picture that has symmetry is the front of a church. symmetry

So today we learned 3 different ways that we can make our pictures more artistic. We can use the rule of thirds, we can use leading lines and we can use symmetry.


Are you getting excited for your new list of words. Here they are:

  1. Snack
  2. Feet
  3. Symmetry
  4. Blue
  5. Leading Lines

As usual, be creative and have fun. Happy hunting kids.

What do I do with my photos?

If you would like to share your photos – ask to join the kid friendly Facebook page. Yes, I realize most kids aren’t on FB, but I’m hoping this project will give parents/guardians and kids something fun to do together (at least the posting and sharing part). This also lets you parents/guardians control what your kids are posting. Sharing your photos is a lot of fun. Seeing all the other creative images that everyone else took for the same words is awesome as well. Perhaps it is one more way to connect us all, while we remain in our homes.

Here is the link to the Kids Photo Scavenger Hunt Facebook Group
And again, if you missed Week 1 – Kids Photography Scavenger Hunt – Lesson and List
And Week 2 – Kids Photography Scavenger Hunt

Have fun and share your images if you wish. We’d love to see them.


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