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The Kids Photography Scavenger Hunt – Week 4

Welcome to Week 4, our final week of the Kids Photography Scavenger Hunt. The lessons for all four weeks will stay on the blog, so you are welcome to come back and do them any time. If you’ve already done the words on the list, you can create your own list of words or ask you parents for a list.

Let me tell you – I am so impressed with the fantastic photos that you kids are sharing in the FB group from week 3 where we learned how to make our images more artistic. If you haven’t yet been to the group kids, be sure to take a peek at what other kids are sharing. Here are a few examples!

kids photography

Week 4 – Creative Photography

Feel free to read the copy below, or watch the video.

So far we have learned how to take better storytelling images, how to isolate our subject and how to take more artistic pictures. Today in our final lesson we are going to look at how we can make our images more creative. This is my favourite week because creative photography is so much fun. Let’s get started.

Creative Tip 1 – Look for Reflections

Do you know what things give us reflections? If you answered “shiny surfaces” you are correct. Things like mirrors, windows, screens on our devices, shiny floors, a clean car and glass all show us reflections. Capturing images with reflections can be very creative. Here are 3 examples. When the sun shines on my table, I notice that it is very reflective. I therefore put these two forks on the table and sure enough I found a reflection. The pictures looks pretty cool doesn’t it. The second picture is another idea. I put my slinky onto a mirror and took this picture of the slinky and the reflection of the slinky. So interesting right! My last example – and one of my favourites – is working with puddles. I put this toy car in a puddle and looked for the reflection. The trick to making it work really well is to get really low with your camera, and most importantly do not drop your camera in the puddle. I bet you’re excited to start playing with reflections.


Creative Tip 2 – Look for Things to Shoot Through

What do I mean by that? When we shoot through things we can make very creative shots.  What sorts of things can we shoot through? We can shoot through glass, leaves on a tree, curtains, tubes – and all kinds of things. Our friend Reese handed in an image last week where he did a shoot through. Check out his picture below of his dog taken through this blue tube. It is a leading lines image and a shoot through image. Great shot Reese.

The second picture is an example where I am using my colourful slinky again. This time I held the edge of the slinky right up to the camera and took a picture through the middle. Doesn’t it look cool?

For the last example I made a little tunnel with the tiles from my Rummy Cub game. Then I took a picture through the tunnel of the die in the background. It makes a much more interesting shot then if I were to just take a picture of the die by itself. So hopefully by now you can see how shooting through something can make images that are much more creative.

blue tube picture of a slinky

Creative Tip 3 – Change Your Point of View

What is “point of view”? Point of View refers to how we look at something. When we change the way that we look at something we can make it look very different. Let me show you what I mean. Here are 3 pictures of a family playing a board game. They are very different pictures because each picture is taken from a different point of view. One picture is taken from the side. One picture is taken from above. And one picture is a close up of just the game piece.
point of view

When we take a picture of something from an unusual angle it becomes a much more creative image. I hope that you will have some fun playing with creative points of view when you take your pictures this week.


Now that you know some fun tricks to make your images more creative you are ready for this week’s list. Here is your final list:

  1. Reflections
  2. Shoot Through
  3. Point of View
  4. Game
  5. Learning

As usual, be creative and have fun. Happy hunting kids.

What do I do with my photos?

If you would like to share your photos – ask to join the kid friendly Facebook page. Yes, I realize most kids aren’t on FB, but I’m hoping this project will give parents/guardians and kids something fun to do together (at least the posting and sharing part). This also lets you parents/guardians control what your kids are posting. Sharing your photos is a lot of fun. Seeing all the other creative images that everyone else took for the same words is awesome as well. Perhaps it is one more way to connect us all, while we remain in our homes.

Here is the link to the Kids Photo Scavenger Hunt Facebook Group
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Have fun and share your images if you wish. We’d love to see them.

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