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Photography Courses
Now LIVE and Online

Stuck at Home?
Live Online Photography Courses Are the Perfect Solution

• Upgrade your photography skills – DSLR or Mirrorless camera
• Receive hands on learning from the comfort of your own home
• Connect with other people
• Document this unprecedented time in the history of your family

Beginner Photography Course – From Taking Photos to Making Photos

Do you own a DSLR or mirrorless camera?
Are you stuck in automatic mode?
Do you want to get better results from your “expensive” camera?
Then this 4-evening beginner photography course is for you.
Here is what we cover:

Class 1 : Getting to Know Your Camera I
(taking away the fear of your camera; how do I get the blurry background?)

Class 2 : Getting to Know Your Camera II
(how do I capture my fast moving kids? milky waterfalls?)

Class 3 : The HOW to the WOW!
(how do I make my pictures look better? which lens do I need?)

Class 4 : FABULOUS Photos
(how do I take better portraits? tell me more about jpgs and printing)

  • This is not a pre-recorded webinar – it is actual LIVE teaching via ZOOM
  • You get to stay in your cozy home environment
  • Small group  – you get time to ask your questions
  • Cost:  $290 +tax

Rita is a professional photographer, as well as a qualified teacher.

The next 4-evening beginner photography course for 2022 (LIVE via ZOOM):

Wednesdays: Nov 2, 9, 16 & 23 – 7:30-9pm EST

Intermediate Photography Course – Beyond the Basics

This intermediate photography course is for those who want to learn more about the functions of their camera, as well as lighting, achieving correct exposure and making much more creative images. Pre-requisite: knowledge of aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

Class 1 : MORE About Your Camera
(what are some other features in my camera? how do I use them to get better photos?)

Class 2 : All About EXPOSURE
(M – Manual mode – how do I use it and why?)

Class 3 : You LIGHT Up My Life
(how do I get the lighting right?)

Class 4 : Tricks and Tips GALORE
(how do I make better pictures?)

  • Alton Village, Burlington
  • Cozy home environment
  • Small group (minimum 4 – maximum 8)
  • Cost:  $290 +tax

Rita is a professional photographer, as well as a qualified teacher.


The next intermediate photography course for 2022:


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