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Are you a Women Over 40?

Then the BE-YOU-tiful Beyond 40 Project is for you.

Dance Photography

Only you know how much time and sweat has brought you to where you are right now as a dancer.

Let’s capture all of that in an artistic and creative way that builds a strong portfolio that will set you above the crowd, and that creates art and memories that will last for a lifetime.

“My 3 kids have trained hard in dance for so many years. Rita captured their talent and beauty in an incredibly artistic way. We have beautiful images and wall art that will be cherished for life. I highly recommend a dance portrait session for your children.”

Amy Douglas

Are you a dancer or an athlete that wants to capture this moment in time forever?

Do you need an impactful portfolio for a hiring agency?

Do you want to create beautiful images to celebrate you?

Then a dance portrait session is for you.

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