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Lifestyle Branding Photography

What is lifestyle branding photography?

In essence it is photography that captures amazing visual content for your website, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter feeds.

It starts with a headshot. Having a great headshot is absolutely key to having a successful online presence – whether you are your own brand,  you are an employee or you are job hunting.

Lifestyle branding then takes the headshot a little further. For personal branding it means capturing you in such a way that you show your personality and your interests. For example, if you are passionate about yoga on the beach, we can capture you doing yoga on the beach. Even if your business is not selling yoga on the beach, you are sharing your story, your personality, what drives you. With so many small businesses around, people can find your service anywhere. What they are buying when they choose you, is actually you. Sharing who you are through great imagery, will help draw the right clients for you.

Lifestyle branding photography also means having images of you in your work environment. It means showing your happy clients at your place of work – whether that’s an office space, or a coffee shop. It provides professional images to show the unique services you offer. As much as possible you want to show your perspective clients how great your business is so they want to buy from you. It’s so important to have unique images, that showcase your business, rather than standard stock images that other’s may be using as well. And it’s just as important to have professional images for your professional business, rather than smart phone snaps. Especially if you offer products or services that are high end or have a bigger price point.

How does your online presence represent your business to perspective clients?

Here are some examples of some great lifestyle branding images from Douglas Dental Care.

burlington photographer dental reception


branding photographer burlington

burlington dental care

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