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Personal Branding Photographer – ENJO

Why would I hire a personal branding photographer? What’s the difference between personal branding and just a headshot? I often get asking these questions. My response is in the form of a question: How do you differentiate yourself in your business? How are you unique in what you do? Sometimes it seems difficult to be different than the next person who sells what we sell, who does what we do. The good news is that we are all unique. No two people are alike. Great personal branding portraits will show your personality so people get a sense of who you are before they meet you. When you are truly yourself, truly authentic, you will attract the right clientele. Before the branding session, we take the time to get to know you. We ask how do you want to be seen, what’s important to you. And we capture that – in a variety of images that can be used across your social media platforms and beyond. We can help size your images for your various social media needs. We can provide space in your images to create banners and ads.

Meet Margaret Flynn. She sells ENJO products. I’ve met others who sold ENJO, but I wasn’t really interested. Then I met Margaret, and it was her personality that drew me to her product and her business. I was happy to be her personal branding photographer. I was able to provide her with a variety of images that show her personality. We created some images with white space for her ads. And we even glammed her up to give her some nice portraits for her partner and her mother. Thanks for a great session Margaret. I’m excited for my ENJO products to arrive.

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